a few things I have learned about my faith from those of different faiths.

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When I capture images I am often trying to remember a feeling, a moment framed in my mind, part of a story that can stand alone, or something that changed me. For me it is about being present in that moment & waiting for the frame that tells that story.

Images are powerful and can craft, reinforce, undo, or influence our thoughts and beliefs about our world, others, & ourselves.  Images have the potential to dissuade us from fear of the unknown or different and move us toward real love. My faith is a complicated, wonderful, challenging, freeing, and defining part of my life and I find myself drawn to others practicing their faith. Being drawn in means spending time with people and really trying to see them & listen to their stories.  We all want to be seen and heard.  And that seeing & hearing evokes in us common human emotions that deeply connect us all and compels me to share our common humanity through visual storytelling.  I recently selected images to display on large canvases in my home because each one illuminated an aspect of faith for me that I hold central or dear.  And I learned more about the expression of faith from people whose geographical location, culture, & faith is different from my own. I am grateful for the invitation in.    

Family & Welcome.  (above image) Jodhpur, India.

Welcome is not for well planned out moments where you only present the best version of yourself but rather a posture of living with openness that allows us to invite others in to experience life with our families. It is about welcoming in others to your right now.  

Bring blessing together. Zanzibar, Tanzania. 

Marking a new marriage we went to visit the bride & bring blessings that were best expressed & had to be experienced together- it mattered that we went together- in our diversity- with a unity of blessing.  

Ladies in red. Holi celebration in Bundi, India.Ladies in red. Holi celebration in Bundi, India.

The discipline & physicality of celebration.  Bundi, India. 

Hours & hours of dancing together using our bodies to celebrate- each one bringing their unique physicality to what seemingly became us all moving as one. Celebration is not overrated and we were created to move our bodies, to dance with joy, & to celebrate together. 


Faith like a Child. Hsinchu County, Taiwan. 

Often depths of insight & knowledge is valued over entering into the mystery & unknowns with faith like a child. Small acts of faith offered in love and trust are often met with peace from God.  

Hospitality & sharing food. Bundi, India. 

Life is done together around the table- sharing a meal and food- whether lavish or simple- prepared with hands that invite others in. Eat together and accept and offer hospitality often.  

Connection to creation. Holi Celebration- Bundi, India. 

The created world holds more beauty than I often see in the sterilized world around me. The feeling & the scent of fresh flower petals leaving your hands as you dance and the connection between color, scent, & touch connects us to the Creator and each other.  

Reverence - walking on holy ground. Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Entering in requires a holy respect & expectation of what God is doing. Too often I miss the Holiness of God & I am thankful for reminders to prepare myself & start with a humble reverence. 

Laughter & presence with children.  Tikkarda, India.

We often overlook children but there is something sacred about laughing, crying, & playing with them. Jesus told us to be WITH them because in the complex world children often offer us an invitation to just be.


  I am grateful for these moments and the many I have been invited into over the years that teach me more about others, myself, the world, & faith. 


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