Hope & Resilience: Cardenas Institute

October 29, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

When I first spoke with Rita Romero, the founder of Cardenas Institute her passion and knowledge spilled forth from her.  Her gifts and passion connect with deep needs in our world and it is clear she is exactly where she needs to be.  She shared some of personal story including her life in Peru informing her deep love of all people and that the name Cardenas Institute is in honor of two strong woman that she seeks to follow; her grandmother and mother.

Cardenas Institute seeks to provide training, counseling, educational services, and products to help families, couples, children, and individuals heal and find wholeness to thrive as part of a global community.  

Rita spoke of trauma informed therapy as so necessary for healing, "Cardenas Institute looks to be part of the bigger conversation about resilience and hope, and also wants to embark on the journey of bringing more kindness, and respect for others in the world by providing free resources, education about trauma, and making trauma therapy available to children and families at an affordable price.

Rita Romero speaks with conviction and passion, "I love my work and I am thrilled to be a part of the global community that strives to bring an effective blend of experience, expertise, clarity, concern and action to the counseling and educational process in order to maximize outcomes and provide genuine healing and wholeness to children, young adults, adults, marriages, and families."


I am grateful to have been invited to be part of capturing Cardenas Institute's story and am so grateful for the ital and compassionate work they are doing in the world. Learn more here.




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