a fine day for a courthouse wedding

March 27, 2019  •  1 Comment

The Cook County courthouse building was spilling out onto the street with soon to be newlyweds when I arrived to capture Emma & Vukasin's wedding vows on Saturday morning. While I waited for them to arrive I wandered around and offered congratulations to the many couples who had just gotten married or who were waiting their turn to enter one of the tiny courtrooms as singles and leave as a married couple. The folks gathered were so diverse; some were adorned in full wedding attire, or cultural dresses made of beautiful West African wax print fabric (I am always partial to African fabrics), or Russian traditional wedding clothes sent from their home country just for this day,  and some in everyday street clothes.  Some couples were surrounded by many family members and friends and some came with just their soon to be spouse but they all were about to marry in the small courtrooms just down the escalator right off Lasalle & Randolph in Chicago.  

But seriously can we talk about how cute Emma & Vukasin are!?!?

More from this special and intimate wedding day..... 

Newly married and skyping with the in-laws in Hyderabad, India!  

Waiting for her groom to arrive. 

Emma & Vukasin trusted me to set up a first look right outside the courtroom and it. was. fabulous.

I love the lines of this sculpture and their amazing reactions were just THE BEST.

THIS moment though! 

Emma's Dad arrived just as we got to the courthouse!  

Waiting in line took over an hour but these two were not bored at all.....just loved the joy & fun they have together!  sisters. 

Vukasin is just hilarious- this was totally his idea. The very no nonsense clerk came out into the hallway to collect the marriage licenses & $10 and he loudly declared "WHAT!!! 10 bucks!!!" and had everyone in line cracking up. He also had many of us trying the floss. You would be correct to assume I was one of them. 

That moment your name is called! 

Their laughter is contagious, and in my experience so needed in a successful marriage! 


After the ceremony we ran around Chicago to capture more of their love story!

This group of tourists handed them their phone and Vukasin assumed they wanted him to take their picture in front of the famous "bean" in Chicago but through some hand signs it was clear they wanted a selfie WITH the bride & groom!

Walking throughout the city was just the best with everyone screaming "Congrats!!" 

Friends from Vukasin's home country of Montenegro brought amazing energy and a reminder of his home culture. He came to the United States when he was 22 & met them here in Chicagoland. I loved hearing them joke and celebrate in Serbian.   The police may have asked these drummers to change locations but when they saw us they quickly found a new spot to play for an unconventional
but fabulous first dance. 

On our way to our last shoot location Emma was getting hangry & she pulled my most favorite bride move EVER & ate some bacon in her wedding dress.

I will forever love this moment.

Emma met Vukasin when we came into Starbucks where she was a barista. She noticed the Diamond Cleaning Service logo on his shirt, along with the fact that he was so cute :), and asked him what he did. He told her that he detailed cars and trucks. Emma, not one to be shy asked if he would clean her car & for how much?" He, not missing a second responded "for you just a free coffee." Emma: "he told me to put my number is his phone so we could schedule the car cleaning, but we ended up scheduling a date instead."  And the rest...as they say.....

We had to include Vukasin's home country in their story to send to his family not in Chicago but back home in Montenegro. 

Congrats again Emma + Vukasin! It was such a privilege and a BLAST to be invited to capture your day! 


What a beautiful story- & amazing photos to have captured the moment.
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