"I paint what I feel"

May 15, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I met the lovely & gifted Monika a few years ago at a Ramadhan celebration.  I was immediately drawn to her warmth and bright smile and as we talked, I learned about her creative spirit & her amazing art work at Canvas by Monika.  She invited me to capture her original and beautiful abstract art at her gallery opening this past Saturday in Chicago & we had so much fun sharing her passion for life & her work.   

Along with her mother and sister’s work (talent clearly runs in the family) her unique and colorful paintings were featured in the gallery. Many friends and family and folks from the community joined the gallery to view the pieces and celebrate their creativity. 

We wanted to capture not just her with her art but the way her art makes her feel.  Many of her pieces are inspired by her faith.  She spoke about naming her pieces and how the names just come to her, “I can never force it, “ she shared. She couldn’t help smiling as she described her piece “Gelato” that was inspired after she was face timing with her cousin in Lithuania and listening to rap music.  The colors and texture spilled out of her from this joyful and happy place and the piece named itself. “I paint what I feel,” she shared.   It is clear that her creativity and kindness are gifts and that it radiates from not just her work by her very self. Thanks Monika- blessings!!  

Congrats ladies- it was a joy to capture you & celebrate your work! 




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