Learning to Lead. Jr High Student Council Elections

September 18, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

On a very warm day at the Westmont Junior High students running for student council were introduced by the social studies teachers and allowed to share their hopes for the year if their fellow students would trust in them and elect them.  I captured their creativity and boldness and I kind of want to be like them- so brave to share their speeches in front of the entire school! 

There was creativity; number cards with each reason the students should vote, humor, promises of changes, and even throwing T-shirts into the crowd. Steve Nero, a local village Trustee and Ron Gunter, the Mayor of Westmont also spoke to the students and encouraged them to participate in making their school a great place.  

The Mayor Ron Gunter and Steve Nero also posed with the students after the assembly and congratulated them on their desire to lead within their school community. 

Mr. John Viano, State Director, presented Principal Jonak, Assistant Principal Quattrone and our teaching staff with the Illinois Horizon Schools To Watch Award and Mr. Jonak congratulated the entire school community as well as recognizing the team of staff at the junior high who led the way in these efforts. 

Local leaders- both students and adults were there helping to improve their community and inspire others to join in local government.  


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