"We are not here to take. We are here to GIVE."

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"We are not here to take. We are here to GIVE. I credit World Relief for helping my family in our time of need. I was a vulnerable refugee and I was shown what God's love is all about. I believe there are no limits to how refugees & immigrants can grow."

-Mawi Asgedom

I was scheduled to capture the World Relief Global Gala last night but lots has changed. My daughter Annikah and I tuned in to the first ever virtual Global Gala 2020 online with many other supporters and volunteers.  She had just finished reading Of Beetles & Angels yesterday and being able to hear the author Mawi Asgedom share some of his story and how World Relief had welcomed his family brought her learning to life in a different way.    

Emphraim Bugumba is a gifted singer and songwriter who performed last night. He shared about his story as arriving in the US as a refugee. 

The needs of immigrant and refugee communities (as many communities) are rising due to Covid-19 and World Relief shared stories of immigrants and refugees on the front line including a recently arrived man who is now serving in a nursing home.  

Tim Kustusch and Isoken Aiwerioba were the hosts for the evening. 

Other 4,000 people were served last year through the World Relief immigration services last year. 

Over 1,000 volunteers currently give of their time to walk alongside their new neighbors. For over 40 years World Relief with the help of so many of you have welcomed new immigrants & refugees and helped them adjust to and thrive in their lives in America. 

I am grateful to have images featured from Hawa Images throughout the night. Volunteering and working with World Relief has shaped and changed me so much throughout the years and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to learn from my new neighbors- my life is so much richer for it. Helping share the good work of World Relief with others is work dear to my heart. You can learn more and see the full video of the Global Gala 2020 here.   You can also join the work by giving here






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